Boris Johnson wants police to have water cannon for crowd control in London
Boris Johnson condemns dismissal of David Lowe from BBC as akin to \"Boko Haram\" tactics Reuters

Boris Johnson has likened the BBC to Islamist terrorists Boko Haram for dismissing a local DJ who played a song with the "N- word" in it by mistake.

London mayor Johnson said: "We live in a Boko Haram world", after David Lowe lost his job at BBC Devon for broadcasting the offensive adjective in an old version of the tune 'the sun has got its hat on.'

Johnson called the move utterly disgraceful amid wider criticism of the BBC.

It came after Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson escaped censure by the broadcaster for appearing to use the N-word during filming – for which he later apologised.

Writing in the Telegraph, Johnson condemned critics of Lowe, calling them: "a clerisy of self-appointed internet witchdoctors went completely loco - or perhaps boko is the word."

"In our own modest way, we live in a Boko Haram world, where it all depends on the swirling rage of the internet mob, and where terrified bureaucrats and politicians are borne along on a torrent of confected outrage," he said.

Boko Haram, islamic fundamentalists whose nom de guerre, an Hausa phrase, translates into 'western education is forbidden' are causing chaos in northeastern Nigeria by carrying out terrorist atrocities. Efforts are currently on to find nearly 400 schoolgirls kidnapped by the group.

Johnson continued: "There is no consistency in the outlook of the Nigerian maniacs, they use weapons produced by the very capitalist system they claim to deplore, for instance.

"There is certainly no logic at the BBC. They should restore Mr Lowe to his job - if he will take it - and the entire BBC board should go down to Devon to apologise in person, and at their own expense.

"Their treatment of this man is utterly disgraceful."

A BBC spokesman admitted the episode "could have been handled better", after it emerged Lowe was offered his job back – but declined.

Lowe was dismissed for playing a 1932 version of 'The Sun has got his on' and claimed the BBC told him to tell listeners it was because he was "pursuing other interests". But Lowe went public with his version of the incident on his personal website.

He also refused the chance to return to his slot on BBC Devon, saying the stress of the episode had caused a pre-existing condition to flare up.