In a shocking incident, a brown bear ripped apart the arm of a drunken man as he tried to feed milk to the animal at a roadside cafe in Russia.

The CCTV footage shows Andrey Sakharovsky walking towards the bear cage with condensed milk containers. He reportedly bought the milk from the café, which has kept the three brown bears in the cage to attract customers.

Instead of throwing the milk towards the animals, the man is seen trying to pass the containers through the bars. One of the bears then grabs the man's hand, who is then heard screaming in terror. The clip later shows staff members of the café rushing for his help.

Chef Gabil Guseinov used his spade to frighten the bear that had clawed on to the arm. "It was very, very scary, I would not wish it on anyone," the chef said.

As soon as Sakharovsky freed himself from the beast's claws, he was rushed to a hospital for treatment. According to reports, the man's arm could not be reattached due to the extensive damage from the battering.

Sakharovsky's brother Evgeny has blamed him for the incident, saying: "Of course, it is his fault. He jumped over [the fence] and went to feed them. For drunken Russian men the fence needs to be higher."

Bear bites off man's arm
As soon as Andrey Sakharovsky freed himself from the beast’s claws, he was rushed to a hospital for treatment YouTube/ screengrab

He added that the cafe owners were also at fault as they knew Sakharovsky was drunk, still they sold him milk. They knew he intended to feed the bears, but they did not stop him, Evgeny alleged.

"Both my brother and the cafe are guilty. And it will be good if the cafe offer compensation, because he is disabled now," he told to the Siberian Times.

Police spokesman German Struglin said it was likely the bears would be killed as they have tasted human blood.

"They will be prevented from any contact with humans or the owner will take the decision to put them down," Struglin said.