A group of squatters who have occupied a multimillion pound mansion in one of the most expensive areas of the UK for the past week have been evicted following a standoff with bailiffs.

Members of Autonomous Nation of Anarchist Libertarians (ANAL) have been forced out of the £15m ($18.7m) home in central London's Belgravia the morning after a judge ordered their eviction at Central London County Court.

The group claim say bailiffs arrived with police around 6am on Wednesday 1 February after attempting to get onto the roof of the house.

Around 30 squatters and activists turned the five-story, Grade II listed building in Eaton Square into a homeless shelter ever since they entered it via an open window last week.

The property is believed to have been unoccupied ever since it was purchased by Russian oligarch Andrey Goncharenko in 2014.

Goncharenko, a billionaire banker, owns four properties in central London including Regent Park's Hanover Lodge, the UK's most expensive house, which he bought for £120m in 2012.

One squatter, Nico Phillips, 36, told the Evening Standard: "This is a society where a building belonging to a very rich person can remain empty. It's a disgrace and a very sad indictment. We are peaceful people with nowhere else to go."

The group claimed they came under a "fascist attack" while they were inside the mansion – before they were evicted – after a group of men dressed in black gave Nazi salutes and hurled bricks and other missiles at the boarded up windows.