A Russian belly dancer has opened up about her ordeal after she was arrested by Egyptian authorities over claims that her performance was "too provocative".

Ekaterina Andreeva, who was performing at a nightclub in Giza, north-western Egypt, was taken off stage last Tuesday by the police on charges of "inciting young people to disobedience and immorality." As per reports, a party-goer had notified the authorities about the dance. The person had even filmed her dancing energetically in a plunging white dress with a hip-high slit on one side.

As it turns out, 31-year-old Andreeva – known as Johara and Gawhara – had to face the ordeal because authorities found her performance "too provocative" and "too sexy", reports Mirror Online.

But Andreeva, after being released on a bail of £204, shared a different side to the experience.

"I don't know anything about real reasons of everything what has happened, those who are professional dancer know clearly my costumes are ok (sic)," the Russian dancer said, clarifying her side via Instagram. She further explained that her lawyer had taken care of all her work-related documents and that this incident has nothing to do with her personally.

She continued, "I know it was just crazy amount of different people, organizations who didn't sleep like me this three days trying to clear the situation and get me out. I know that my beloved husband did just unreal job from Russian side and my amazing employer here in Cairo the same here."

"Inside of all this was just terrible and I was losing hope every minute," the Russian professional shared adding, "but then I realized that there are so many people praying for me, working hard to take me out, I stayed strong for them. It was the worst days of my life."

Following her release, Andreeva's lawyer said, "Her trial [for incitement to debauchery] will take place but the date of the hearing has not yet been set."

Earlier, Egyptian prosecutor Hatim Fadl had explained that "Rules for the dance performance oblige the performer to wear underwear of any colour but beige... Gawhara did not have any underwear, and of course it was provocative."

While the case is under review, Andreeva – who runs a dance studio with her husband in Moscow – is temporarily banned from dancing, it has been reported.