For Rosie Rees, it is not just "naked" yoga but, a spiritual journey. Despite working as a full-time Finance Recruiter in Sydney, 30-year-old Rees gave up her corporate job in 2012 and was headed to India to learn the ancient art of yoga.

And now, the Australian yoga teacher is conducting sell-out workshops, where she encourages the women to strip off to boost confidence and their bedroom experience.

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"Naked yoga is not just yoga, it's a spiritual journey. Yoga only releases stress, but naked yoga digs deeper into our souls," says Perth-based Rees, who has already worked with hundreds of participants in her country.

"It takes courage to come to a naked yoga class, but that courage translates to better relationships at work, with family and most importantly, with oneself," she added, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

However, making a career out of teaching "naked" yoga to hundreds of enthusiasts hasn't been a smooth journey for her. In fact, it was a spontaneous decision for Rees to quit her stressful job and dedicate her time to the practice in the January of 2013, following which, the yoga instructor returned to Brisbane and started holding classes with backpackers.

Ultimately, after a session — minus the clothes — in the backyard of her house, Rees was convinced that it's time to approach other enthusiasts as well.

"When I first tried to do yoga practice without clothes - first in my bedroom and then in the backyard - I was shocked at how critical and judgmental about my body I was," she says, "I didn't like the various scars on my body, rolls of fat on my belly and I noticed all the cellulite. But I also felt liberated and free. As my practice progressed, I felt a lot more present with myself."

Eventually, she was allowed to hold classes at a renowned yoga studio, which turned out to be a big hit. "I told them I wanted to desexualise nudity and wanted to help women overcome their body image issues," Rees explained.

As for her future plans, Rees hopes to take her "naked" yoga classes international now and she has already received an invite from the Naked In Motion studio in New York, US.

"I feel like Australia is ready. Our women are ready to step out of their comfort zone, to participate in 'self-love', to appreciate and respect their bodies. I can't believe why anyone didn't think of it before," she said.