A Berlin couple has been accused of torturing and murdering a woman in what police suspect was a "gruesome sex game". The accused had allegedly tortured the victim for days before dumping her body in a rubbish container.

Taifun S, 36, and Jasmin P, 27, had allegedly contacted Marianne M, 55, on the internet on a forum for people with special sexual interests.

The severely injured body of the the victim, wrapped in a blanket, was found by a passerby on 23 December, who called police to the scene. An autopsy was conducted on the body and discovered that the cause of the death was massive violence.

Recent local media reports stated that before murdering the woman, the suspected killers met her in a specially rented apartment on Föhrer Straße in the German capital. They "tortured the woman to death for a long time" before murdering her and dragging the body through the dirty backyard of an old building on a street in the Wedding district of Berlin.

They apparently threw their victim next to a dumpster like garbage, Bild reported.

Taifun and Jasmin were arrested by investigators on 29 December at Berlin Schönefeld Airport while they were trying to flee to Turkey.

According to local media, the couple is not new to authorities. The 36-year-old man had earlier been held for drug trafficking, dangerous bodily injury, violation of the weapons law, and theft. His wife's previous offences include threats, insults, resistance to arrest and theft.

In another horrible incident where a sex game turned fatal, a man in England accidentally shot a woman with a shotgun in her vagina. David Jeffers had placed a loaded shotgun inside her vagina, which his victim had agreed to, but it accidentally went off.

Jeffers and the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, both took cocaine and drank before taking part in the sexual activity. The man is now serving a 10-year jail sentence.