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Angie Best has been given a 'warning' by CBB bosses Channel 5

She plays the matriachal role in the Celebrity Big Brother house and is even the biological mother of one of this series' contestants, Calum. But Angie Best has received a stark warning from the show's bosses, The Sun reports.

The 64-year-old fitness fanatic – who was the personal trainer to singer Cher and Priscilla Presley – has been "upsetting" her fellow housemates including Coleen Nolan as she continues to go on about nutrition and how to eat the right foods. She has now been issued a warning from the show's executives due to her constant talk of health and fitness.

Her constant talk about weight and shape has raised concerns with producers that it could cause the other contestants to develop insecurities, according to The Sun.

A source told the paper: "Bosses have had to warn Angie to stop talking about her strict diets and health so much. With the women living in close proximity, it's a worry that Angie's strong views could trigger other housemates' past body insecurities."

calum best
Calum Best tells mother Angie to tone it down with the health and fitness chat Channel 5

In the nominations made by contestants earlier this week, Bianca Gascoigne and Loose Women star Nolan both put Best up for eviction because of her didactic health offerings.

Most recently, former glamour model Nicola McLean – who has battled with anorexia and bulimia in the past – admitted that Best's continual talk of healthy eating was "p***ing her off" before adding, "It's insensitive, self-absorbed, and if there was an alcoholic in here I wouldn't be telling them how great the wine tasted."

Her son Calum, 35, was quick to notice his housemates' irritation of his mother's advice, and took her aside to explain she has to be careful of what she says around certain people.

According to Mirror Online, a Channel 5 spokesperson said that the alleged warning did not come from Big Brother.

Celebrity Big Brother continues on Channel 5 tonight at 9pm.