Sheldon and gang will relive their high school prom night in an all new episode of The Big Bang Theory this Thursday.

The episode is titled The Prom Equivalency and the group tries to re-enact their high-school prom. Stuart makes an appearance in this episode.

The official synopsis reads:

Love is in the air when Bernadette and Amy host a "prom night" on the roof of the guys' apartment building. When the gang recreates a high school prom on the roof the of the guys' apartment building, Sheldon feels pressure to participate in all the typical romantic traditions.

According to spoilers, Penny is the only one from the gang who has good memories about her prom night, as Bernadette and Amy had "terrible" proms. The guys never went to one, while Penny went to seven proms when she was in high-school.

This episode also features Howard's second cousin, Jeanie, (Kara Luiz) with whom he lost his virginity. She will arrive to the group's prom night with Stuart. According to the spoilers, Howard will argue with Stuart about his mother and Jeanie.

This episode is likely to feature a memorable moment between Sheldon and Amy. Dr Cooper will have a panic attack because of the pressure of all those mating rituals on a prom night and will run away to his room. Later, Sheldon opens up and tells her "I really did think you looked pretty" and then surprises Amy by saying that he loves her too.

In the episode, Leonard escorts Penny to the roof which has been decorated for their dance. First they admit that they probably wouldn't have approached each other to dance if they had met at their proms. Then they have a moment that ends in a good cry showing that they are definitely in love.

The Prom Equivalency will air this Thursday, November 6th at 8 pm on CBS.