The big bang theory
Cast of Hit CBS show The Big Bang Theory CBS

The much awaited show The Big Bang Theory Season 8 premiere is here.

Sheldon and his gang will return to your TV screens on 22 September with a two back-to- back episodes, The Locomotion Interruption and The Junior Professor Solution.

Here is the first promo that says "Where is Sheldon?"

Another clip from Season 8, episode 1 features Sheldon, Amy, and Leonard discussing the trip – which apparently has ended on a disappointing note for Dr Sheldon Cooper.

Another sneak peek from The Big Bang Theory Season 8, episode 2, The Junior Professor Solution, features another theoretical conversation, but this time with rather gruesome side effects.

The preview for the two-episode premiere focusses on the fallout from Sheldon's ride-about.

You can log on to the official website for broadcast details and to watch episodes online.

You can also click here to watch the premiere episode online via live stream.

Here are a few tweets about the season premiere: