Big Brother Spoilers: First Baby Birth in New Series after its Summer Premier?
Julie Chen returns as the host of Big Brother Season 16. Big Borther/Facebook

The wait is almost over for Big Brother fans as the popular, if controversial, show with its camera eyes is going to be back this summer. So, all you enthusiasts of the show out there, get prepared for some extra dose of drama, romance, emotions, ugly fights and more, this season.

Big Brother will premiere on 25 June in the US on CBS while the UK version of the reality show 'Celebrity Big Brother' will have its summer premiere on 5 June on Channel 5 this year.

Conforming to its basic concept, this season too, the show will have a slew of strangers staying under one roof with cameras watching them 24/7. There will be no privacy and no shortage of high-voltage drama.

Big Brother: Power Trip (UK)

The British reality television series will be hosted by Emma Willis while Rylan Clark and Iain Lee will be the show presenters for Big Brother's Bit on the Side. Going by its trailer it looks like the reality show will adopt a futuristic approach this season.

This year's Big Brother will have 'Power Trip' as its theme and promises to add more spice and craziness on the show.

Keeping with its tradition of controversy, Willis told the Daily Star that there are chances of a child birth in the house too.

"See, I don't think I should say this, but having a baby born in the house would be quite good. One Born Every Minute is my favourite programme, along with BB," show host Emma Willis told the website.

There are chances too that the show will have a format similar to that of the blockbuster movie Hunger Games.

"The house is totally different from last year. It's modern, futuristic, clean lines, technology," Willis said.

"It's a bit like Minority Report. This year is Power Trip – gaining power, keeping power, who will have power, how do they get it?" she added.

"You want genuine people, people who are in there to play it, people who are sneaky, emotional. It's going to be like The Hunger Games but without the death."

Big Brother Season 16 (US)

The show will be hosted by the very dynamic Julie Chen and will air three days in a week after its premiere on Wednesday, 25 June.

Big Brother had announced its 16<sup>th season on September 12, 2013, one week before the finale of the previous season.

The show was initially rumoured to have an all-star season but later the Big Brother Network cleared the air with an article released on its website.

"From what I've heard in the past things remain uncertain for a long ways in to the preseason as production considers all their options. They'll review ideas and potential cast options, twists, themes, etc. in search of the very best path to take which means nothing is likely decided at this point," read excerpts from the article.

"With that in mind, I do not believe BB16 has already been set in stone as the second All-Stars as the rumour suggests it to be. Now we just have to hope for an awesome bunch of applicants to keep up our chances of an all-new cast!"

The reality show has invited online applications and even went for open casting calls as casting for the controversial reality show began in March 2014.

Until now the show has kept details of participants a tight secret but are asking its audience to "Expect the Unexpected"