Cummin up Leiwsham
London restaurant Cummin Up Twitter


  • The company posted the generous offer to their Twitter account.
  • Financially struggling or lonely local residents will get a free meal on Christmas Day.

A takeaway in south London will open its doors on Christmas Day to give food to lonely local residents. Its owners will open from 1pm until 7pm to help spread festive cheer to those most in need.

The generous offer was made by Cummin Up, a Caribbean restaurant based on Lewisham High Street with branches located in London and Brighton. The restaurant will provide free meals from mid-day to struggling or lonely locals who will be without friends of family during the holiday period.

A sign outside their branch reads: "Open Christmas Day. All welcome to free meal. Money too tight, or lonely?"

Social media users have praised the charitable efforts of the restaurant's staff. So far their tweet has been shared over 1,000 times since it was posted on December 18<sup>th.

Yvonne Winter said: "Wonderful how this business consistently pays it forward each year. An example to other businesses in the Black Community."

Joe Blake wrote: "How can I contribute financially? Such a great cause."

Another wrote: "You truly rule. Good food too!"

The company's staff will not be not be the only ones doing good deeds over the coming Christmas period.

Earlier this month the hashtag #AVeryMuslimChristmas was trending on Twitter to highlight the work that British Muslims do for charity during Christmas - including blood donations and providing support for the homeless.

"Charity begins at home, and Britain is that home for millions of British Muslims. The media may not see this as a headline, but we salute the many donors and volunteers that give of their wealth and time freely in the service of others", said Aamer Naeem, chief executive of Penny Appeal.