Salman Khan in Bigg Boss Season 7
Salman Khan in Bigg Boss Season 7 (Photo: biggboss7/facebook)

Bollywood star Salman Khan has time and again stated on Bigg Boss 7 that it just might be his last season hosting the reality show.

Although Khan has never confirmed his departure, his annoyed reactions to show-related controversies and spats with the contestants were proof enough that the actor was serious.

However, it now seems like there is some good news on that front for the fans and viewers of Bigg Boss. According to industry insiders, Khan might be part of Bigg Boss 8 as the show's producer, reports Times of India.

According to the report, speculation is rife that due to differences between the producers of the show and the channel that airs it, combined with the fact that the Bollywood superstar is reportedly upset with the channel for hiding matters related to the show from him, Khan might be stepping in as the new producer.

Last week, a legal complaint was filed against Khan for 'hurting religious sentiments' on the Bigg Boss show. He has also been the target of public outrage when he was blamed for Kushal's untimely eviction from the show.

Whether or not Khan will return as the host of Bigg Boss 8 remains to be seen, but it's clear that the actor was not at all happy with the way the show was being managed by the current producers.

The last episode of Bigg Boss saw evicted contestants Armaan and Kushal sharing the stage with Khan, and reminiscing about their journey on the show.

Armaan, who became notorious on the show for his volatile behaviour and numerous fights with others, surprisingly had nothing negative to say about any of the other contestants and wished them all luck.