Armed robbers pointed a gun at a child's head during a raid on an Aldi supermarket in Birmingham.

The shocking incident happened when three man burst into the branch in Kingstanding on Monday evening (13 April).

Shoppers were forced to line up against a wall by the gang wielding two guns and a shotgun.

Kamras Khan was in the shop with his 13-year-old son at the time and initially feared it was a terrorist attack.

He described being "petrified" when one of the men menaced the child.

"I asked one of the raiders what was going on. He pushed a gun into my stomach and told me to line up against a wall," said Khan.

"I was more concerned for the safety of my 13-year-old son, who was in another aisle at the time. One of the robbers was pointing a gun at him so I was petrified. But he was very brave."

The gang forced the store manager and members of staff into a back room and fled the scene with bags soon afterwards.

Police said no money was stolen and and an investigation has been launched.

Detective chief inspector Tom Hadley said: "There were about 10 customers in the store when the robbery took place, who were ushered into a corner.

"The thieves escaped without cash but they did take a mobile phone from a customer.

"We know that three offenders, described as being black men, went into the store, while a fourth man was waiting in the car. Officers are continuing to make inquiries at the scene and will be studying CCTV footage."

An Aldi spokesman said the company was cooperating with police.