Birmingham bullying video
West Midlands Police launched an inquiry into alleged bullying after a humiliating video went viral YouTube

West Midlands police have charged a second teenage girl with robbery after an attack in Northfield on two schoolgirls was filmed and went viral on Facebook.

The 16 year old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was charged with one count of robbery and has been bailed to appear at Birmingham Youth Court on 4 September.

The charge comes one week after another 16-year-old girl was sentenced in connection with the incident, which involved two 14-year-old victims being humiliated and attacked by a busy road. Footage recorded by someone at the scene shows one of the victims being struck with her handbag several times after being forced to get on her hands and knees to apologise for giving her "a dirty look".

The bully is then seen turning her attention to the second teenager and forces her to the floor to apologise before stealing her bag and, in a final act of humiliation, ordering her to take her shoes and socks off.

Last week at the youth court the 16-year-old girl was handed a 10-month referral order with intensive contract, meaning she will have to appear before a youth offender panel who − in conjunction with the victim's wishes − will decide what reparations she will need to make to redress the harm she has caused.

Commenting on the sentence, detective constable Michelle Beasley said: "The girl in question has fully admitted the offences she was charged with and is disgusted by her own actions. This was an act of bullying in its most sadistic and spiteful form – people who viewed the footage online were quite rightly outraged by what they had seen."