John Worboys
John Worboys was convicted of rape in 2009 Metropolitan Police


  • Worboys was being held at HMP Belmarsh following a decision to release him on parole.
  • However, the Prisons Service has now moved him back to a prison in North Yorkshire.

Convicted rapist John Worboys has been forced to move prisons following a public backlash.

The former black cab driver, who was convicted in 2009, was moved to HMP Belmarsh last month following a decision by the parole board to free him.

But the UK Prison Service says it has moved him back to North Yorkshire's HMP Wakefield after victims' representatives raised concerns that he was residing in London, where he has been linked to - but not convicted of - over 100 victims.

The decision comes after five women told police they were also assaulted by Worboys. According to lawyer Harriet Wistrich, the Crown Prosecution Service did not proceed with cases that had been brought to their attention by two women.

Worboys was ordered to serve at least eight years in prison for his crimes in 2009. A recent decision to free him was delayed by a High Court judge following a public outcry.

Opponents of his release, and with the backing of London mayor Sadiq Khan, requested a 'stay' on his release "pending determination of the claim for judicial review or further order".

The High Court will review his parole decision again later this week.