Serial black cab rapist John Worboys could win damages if a judicial review of his release fails.

A solicitor for two of Worboys' victims said she hoped to launch a legal challenge to his upcoming release. Harriet Wistrich told the Sun that a separate move would likely be submitted to keep the sex offender in jail while the review is heard.

However, the Birnberg Pierce lawyer said she may be forced to increase a crowd-funding goal from £50,000 to £100,000 because there is a risk Worboys could claim damages if the judicial review fails.

"If we hold back his release, if we fail he may have a claim for damages. The fact is that under the law his release would have been held back," she said.

Wistrich's remarks could prompt a new wave of criticism over the Government's handling of Worboys' case. Treasury Secretary and former Justice Secretary Liz Truss said the Government had to get "tougher" on issues like rape and sexual violence.

Meanwhile, a former lead police officer has welcomed a renewed search for evidence that could keep Worboys behind bars. Former Met DCI Colin Sutton encouraged officers to keep looking for evidence.

Scotland Yard released an internal memo asking officers with information on the case to report to a specialist sexual offences unit, the Sun reported. The Met is understood to be focused on the 19 women who claimed to have been attacked after his conviction.

"It's not a fools errand by any means," Sutton said. "It's entirely possible that the evidence is there and you'll have to have complainants who want to go ahead. The paperwork will be there too and there's a good chance one or a number of the case could be put up the standard to prosecute."

Sutton claimed investigators could "end up with a handful of half a dozen or so that could be presented to the CPS.

"Then the decision becomes a political one as to whether they go ahead with in. I certainly think it's worthwhile doing and I'm encourage the Met have taken this view despite what the CPS are saying."

Justice Secretary David Gauke sparked outrage Friday (19 January) when he ended moves for the Government to launch its own judicial review. Worboys, 60, is scheduled to be released within days after serving fewer than nine years for drugging and raping female passengers.