Black Jesus an Insult to Jesus Christ? Faith Groups and Christian Believers Wants to Cancel the Comedy Show
Gerald Johnson in and as Black Jesus in Adult Swim's late night comedy show. Black Jesus/Facebook

Black Jesus, a comedy series produced by Adult Swim, will premiere on Cartoon Network on August 7.

As expected, the show has kicked up a furore among Christian faith groups and believers for its controversial content, even before its debut.

The show producer Adult Swim describes the upcoming comedy series via Black Enterprise as:

"Jesus living in present day Compton, California on a daily mission to spread love and kindness throughout the neighbourhood with the help of his small but loyal group of downtrodden followers."

Newcomer Gerald Johnson will portray the modern day Black Jesus Christ, who pot smokes marijuana, hangs out with gang-bangers and exchanges the wine of sanctification for cheap beer and gestures inappropriately.

The trailer of the series has triggered a backlash from Christian groups who think the show is depicting Jesus and Christianity in a wrong way.

Kerry Burkey, senior pastor of Rockledge Church of Christ, told USA Today that the show symbolises the decline of American pop culture.

"I gathered our youth group and had them sit and watch the trailer of the show," Burkey told the website.

"It was horrible, disgusting and completely offensive. Down to a person, everyone in the youth group was offended. It just shows where we are a nation. ... We have no respect for God," he continued.

The series has also prompted a petition seeking the cancellation of the controversial show.

James Jones, petitioner from told USA Today that the show is 'blasphemous'.

"The show mocks Christianity and Jesus Christ. People's religions should not be blasphemed on television."

Twitter users however are divided over the show's intention. While some think Black Jesus is a funny show others take it as a serious insult to Jesus Christ and Christianity.

Below are some Twitter reactions to the controversial show.