FIFA boss Sepp Blatter appeals for a racism-free World Cup when the tournament is played in Brazil next year.

"We play in six different cities and as I say, this is the cup of champions but it's also a very good rehearsal for us," said Blatter.

"Make the best out of it but play fair, play fair with respect. And please, please, don't give us problems with racism or discrimination," he said.

"Brazil is a powerhouse, not only a powerhouse in football, it's a powerhouse in economy and I'm sure that after this World Cup as a legacy a powerhouse in social cultural values because the World Cup will in this multicultural country will connect the people and in football there is no difference, no social level, everybody is a fan of football," he said.

"No European time ever has won the World Cup in the Americas, north or south, so now Europe says 'we are the best'. So let's see, let's see, it will be a very, very interesting competition," he added.