Martin Gero discusses Jane's story arc ending in "Blindspot" Season 5 and talks about a spinoff, this time with Audrey Esparza as the main lead.

The showrunner is not ruling out a potential "Blindspot" spinoff in the future. Gero told Deadline that he would be "super open to" doing a spinoff series that focuses on Esparza's Tasha Zapata.

"Audrey is part of the...she's a star I think since the beginning, and if anyone wants to do a Zapata P.I. spinoff, they know where to find me. I'd love to do it," he said.

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Gero told the publication that he is swamped at the moment with spinoffs. He has two that are going into production soon.

"I'm executive producing Christina Kim's reboot of 'Kung Fu' with the Berlanti team. That's going to air on The CW, and then Brendan Gall and I have created a new NBC half-hour ('Connecting') that will start airing in the fall," he said.

In the same interview, the showrunner talked about the Season 5 finale which may have left "Blindspot" fans scratching their heads in confusion. The show finally ended Jane Doe's (Jaimie Alexander) story arc in the penultimate and final shot.

The penultimate shot saw her back full-circle where she was first discovered naked in a body bag at Times Square, except this time she is dead. The final shot, on the other hand, showed her happy life with Kurt, his family, and their friends.

Gero said both scenes gave viewers the freedom to choose how they want Jane's story to end. He called it "a choose-your-own-adventure" type that depends on the viewers' emotions at the time of watching the "Blindspot" Season 5 finale. Gero said part of the reason was to make the show "emotionally satisfying, depending on what your emotional needs were in the moment." He added that they showed the two scenarios to make one "the ending that you want it to be."

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