NBC's breakthrough drama Blindspot premieres its season 2 on 14 September and with the return of the action series, a whole set of mysteries will be unraveled - the biggest question being who is Jane? The series featuring Jaimie Alexander in the lead role as FBI infiltrator Jane Doe had spun quite an intriguing plot with her tattooed-body and the memory wipe last season.

With her subsequent falling out with special agent Kurt Weller, there seems to be certain hiccups in the Jane's path, namely the CIA.

Click here to watch Blindspot season 2 episode 1 live online on the official website of NBC. The premiere episode titled In Night So Ransomed Rogue will air on Wednesday (14 September) at 10pm EST before moving on to its usual slot of 8 pm.

Blindspot season 2 will pick up after the events of the last season, where a battered Kurt goes through a series of loss after watching his father die and realising that Jane is not his childhood friend Taylor Shaw. In fact, the real Taylor has been long dead. Propelled by emotions, Kurt arrested Jane to push her into three months of torture in the CIA custody.

The official synopsis for season 2 premiere teased that Jane would escape from the CIA only to reunite with Kurt, who is now the assistant director of FBI. Apart from the obvious tension between the two after the fall-out of the last season, executive producer Martin Gero confirmed that Jane's identity will be revealed in the premiere episode.

"That's really a struggle for her, figuring out where she belongs," Gero said. "Now that she knows who she is, where does she belong? Is she this new person who emerged after her memory was wiped, or is she who she was before all this happened. And they're pretty different women."

If the trailer for the upcoming season is any indication, Good Wife veteran Archie Panjabi is set to play a critical role in the reunion plot as NSA official Nas Kamal . While she might be instrumental in reuniting Jane with Kurt, she might have plans of her own as well.

Interestingly, fans who had hoped to see a relationship bloom between Kurt and Jane, might be in for some treat in season 2 of the NBC series. "There's always hope. It's like, they hurt each other and they're disappointed... but they can apologize. It's always possible," Sullivan Stapleton, who plays Kurt said during an interview.

To find out more, catch the Blindspot season 2 premiere on NBC on Wednesday.