The UK government was forced to postpone a £3bn ($4.5bn, €4.17bn) debt sale after Bloomberg terminals crashed on the morning of 17 April, causing mayhem in the financial industry.

It was a rare outage for Bloomberg terminals, which are used by around 320,000 traders in the financial world, but some services have since been restored.

It meant the UK Debt Management Office (DMO), which is responsible for issuing Treasury bills, had to postpone a tender.

The DMO issued a statement which read: "Due to ongoing technical issues with the third party platform supplier, the UK Debt Management Office ('the DMO') is announcing that this morning's UK Treasury Bill tenders will be postponed."

However, it has now released a follow-up stating that the bill will be paid in the afternoon.

It is still unclear what caused the outage, which saw users' computers appear with a "connection lost" message on their screens for hours.