Jack Renshaw

The leader of the British National Party's (BNP) youth group has complained on Facebook about his "gay dog", which he claims is a threat to his "principles" on homosexuality.

Jack Renshaw, who featured in the BNP Youth's controversial recruitment film in May called Fight Back, posted a photo of his pet on the social networking site with a status accusing it of "licking the penises of other males [sic] dogs".

The post, which has gone viral since being taken from the Manchester University student's Facebook profile, reads: "I wish my dog would stop licking the penises of other males dogs. I love you, Derek (my dog) – but – don't challenge my principles because my principles will likely win."

It is not known who originally leaked the screenshot of Renshaw's Facebook status, which is set to private.

Renshaw's warning to his canine follows an airing of his strident views in the BNP YouTube video in which he complains about "attempts to eradicate the British culture and British identity through the forced assimilation of different cultures and different peoples".

He goes on to say that "militant homosexuals" make up an "unholy alliance" that is taking charge of the country in order to destroy families.