Monserrate church
The church of Monserrate in Bogota, Colombia is a known tourist destination as well as a pilgrimage site. GUILLERMO LEGARIA/AFP/Getty Images

On Tuesday, police in Colombia found the remains of women's four bodies near Monserrate church in Bogota, the capital city. Fredy Armando Valencia Vargas, a homeless man confessed to the four murders along with three more. The other three bodies have not been found yet and the local police continue the search.

The area near the mountain-top church had a thick forest cover and was being used as a drug den and makeshift camp. It was the pungent smell of the decaying bodies that led the police to the site. Speaking at a press conference, General Humbeto Guatibonza, commander of the Metropolitan Police of Bogota, said, "Once human remains were found we quickly began the investigation and started looking for the person responsible."

Dubbed the "Monster of Monserrate", Vargas confessed to sexually assaulting his victims before killing them and was able to identify the way in which he killed one of the women which was then corroborated with the forensics team, according to Colombian newspaper Vanguardia.
Initial reports suggest that the women were also homeless drug users all below the age of 30.