The body of a man from Ohio has recently been discovered in a block of concrete at his home in Massillon. Authorities found the remains of Nicholas A Stein, reported missing since almost a year, in a container buried six feet deep in the backyard.

Carl A Spencer, who lived in the same house as the victim, has been arrested on suspicion of murder and was arraigned on Monday (5 February). According to court documents, the 27-year-old man was the last to see the victim alive.

Spencer reportedly told investigators that he saw Stein leave the house and return before going to sleep on a couch in the same room he was sleeping in. He claimed that when he woke up in the morning, the victim was not there.

Kristen Lain who lived in the same house, first reported Stein missing in February 2017. She recently told police she suspected that Spencer had thrown "(Stein) down the basement steps, killing him", but police are yet to conduct a postmortem. She claimed she later saw him pulling up the wooden boards of the stairs and burning them outside.

While Massillon police are yet to reveal a motive for the murder, The Independent newspaper reported that Spencer had used a rental company to procure excavation equipment around the time Stein went missing.

The suspect was arraigned in Massillon Municipal Court and his bond was set at $5m (£3.5m).

In a twist to the plot, Bryan Gentry, who also lived in the house with Lain and Stein, told authorities that the three of them were involved in a sexual relationship. He claimed that the victim wanted to have an exclusive relationship with Lain but she refused and asked him to leave.

He is also being considered a person of interest in the investigation.