Barcelona Plane Incident
Two planes narrowly avoided colliding at Barcelona airport Gasım Salahov / aerobarcelona

A Boeing 747 was forced to abort its landing to avert crashing into another plane that had veered onto the runway at Barcelona airport.

A Spanish plane spotter captured the moment the Utair plane had to climb back into the sky after an Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus A340 crept onto the landing strip at El Prat Airport in Spain.

The inbound flight eventually landed safely shortly after performing a go-around procedure on Saturday while the Airbus flight took off for Buenos Aires soon after the incident.

Spain's aiport regulator Spanish Airports and Air Navigation (AENA) said in a statement that there was no danger of a collision as there was enough space at the airport to carry out a landing between the two planes.

Captain John Holmes, flight training manager at Ansett Aviation Training told the Daily Mail there were three possible explanations for the near miss.

"The instructions to the A340 possibly were misunderstood by the captain, or they might not have heard or acknowledged the instructions, or there may have been no instruction issued from the control tower," he said.