Residents in the Bolivian city of El Alto, a chaotic sprawl high in the Andes, were taken by surprise when heavy winds hit the city on 29 December. Local media reported that 90 houses were partially destroyed in three neighbourhoods of District Eight, due to the gale force winds.

Dramatic video footage, taken by Miguel Oporto while standing behind a window, shows the moment the winds swept in, ripping off home rooftops located in El Alto neighbourhoods of Copacabana, Agosto 15 and Plan Tres Mil. Afterwards, residents were seen walking around the area inspecting damage to their properties caused by the strong winds, which were blamed on El Nino.

Elsewhere two large mudslides which fell on a road linking the departments of Cochabamba and Santa Cruz forced the authorities to close the main route linking the east and west of the Andean country. Local media reported that seven points on this route have been affected, leaving an unspecified number of buses, trucks and private cars stranded.