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The gruesome kidnaping and beheading of a Bollywood actress in India in a failed ransom bid has shocked the Indian community.

Meenakshi Thapar, 26, was apparently kidnapped and murdered by struggling actors Amit Jaiswal and Preeti Surin after an attempt to extort 1.5m Rupees (£20,000) from her wealthy family went affray.

The suspects, who are said to be lovers, allegedly invited Thapar on a trip to Gorakhpur, a small town close to the Nepalese border, where they held her hostage.

They then sent a message to Thapar's Nepali parents demanding a hefty ransom.

Mumbai police said that Thapar's mutilated head was found on a road to Mumbai while her dismembered torso was disposed of in a water tank.

The kidnappers had warned Thapar's mother that they would force her daughter to take part in pornography films if their demands were not met.

Although her mother paid 60,000 rupees (£730) into her daughter's account for her kidnappers to withdraw, the duo, are alleged to have killed the actress after their attempts to extort the 90,000 rupees failed.

But who was Meenakshi Thapar?

IBTimes UK gets to know the stunning Bollywood who allegedly lost her life at the hands of her acting rivals.