Researchers have discovered a new enzyme, known as BACE2 destroys beta-amyloid, a toxic protein fragment that affects the brains of patients who have the disease. Reuters

Your brain talks over when listening to some boring speech, in order to make it more interesting to you, researchers from the University of Glasgow's Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology have found.

"You may think the brain need not produce its own speech while listening to one that is already available. But, apparently, the brain is very picky on the speech it hears. When the brain hears monotonously-spoken direct speech quotations which it expects to be more vivid, the brain simply 'talks over' the speech it hears with more vivid speech utterances of its own," said Dr Bo Yao, researcher at the University of Glasgow's Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology.

Researchers conducted a study on 18 participants and found that the brain does everything to make a boring speech more interesting and colourful.

During the study, researchers had analysed and scanned the volunteers' brains by using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). They found that the participants' brains started talking over when they were listening to some boring stories in order to make them more interesting.