Tennis legend Boris Becker believes that playing to win for his family is a huge factor as to why Roger Federer has been so successful.

The Swiss ace won an unprecedented eight Wimbledon title after a dominant straight set 6-3, 6-1, 6-4 victory over an injured Marin Cilic on Sunday (16 July).

The victory also marked Federer's second Grand Slam of 2017 as well as his Tour-leading fifth title of the calendar year, impressively coming after a six-month layoff due to a knee injury.

With 19 Grand Slams to the 35-year-old's name now, former world number one Becker says it is hard to emphasize just how significant Federer's records are.

"We can't emphasize the effect that all the records he has broken," Becker said, as quoted on Tennis World USA. "Everybody is pretty much younger than him, and yet he finds ways to win on a consistent week in, week out basis on every surface apart from clay."

"It's just impossible to find, because we thought it was impossible to reach 18 for him, now it's 18 and 19 back to back. Will be 20 at the US Open?"

Becker then attributed Federer's success to his family being his "supporting base."

"I think his wife, kids and the whole family is the supporting base," he added. "He couldn't do what he does now without them, and he is the first to embrace that."

"Roger has found the perfect time on when he is a tennis player, when he is a daddy and husband. That's the reason why he is so successful."

In the space of six months, Federer has climbed from 16th to third in the world rankings and he will now be targeting the number one spot again, currently held by Andy Murray.

Roger Federer
Federer won a record eight Wimbledon title last week Getty Images