Noah Becker and Boris Becker
Noah Becker and Boris Becker in 2013 Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for IMG

The son of tennis legend Boris Becker is set to take legal action against an MP accused of making a racial slur against him.

Noah Becker, 23, who has an Afro-American grandparent, was described as a "little half-negro," by one German MP on Twitter.

Speaking to the German newspaper Bild, lawyer Christian-Oliver Moser said: "I have been retained to quickly take the necessary steps under criminal and civil law against MP Jens Maier on the basis of this clearly racist tweet."

Jens Maier is the deputy of the parliamentary wing of the far-right AfD party in Germany and sparked outrage after making the comments in relation to an interview with Becker in which he described Berlin as "white city" in comparison to London or Paris. Maier replied, "It looks like the little half-negro didn't get enough attention – his behaviour cannot be explained otherwise."

The tweet has since been deleted with the MP denying that he wrote it, instead pinning the blame on an employee.

According to Deutsche Welle, Maier has expressed his "embarrassment" at the tweet, and has apparently taken actions to prevent such an incident taking place again.

But the MP has been known for his controversial comments before.

In 2017, he was sanctioned after he argued against the "creation of mixed peoples as well as saying that there was a "guilt cult" in Germany about the Holocaust being over.

The AfD became the third-largest party inside the German Bundestag following September's federal elections.