It is against the UK's national interests to have "hostile judgements" of Donald Trump, Boris Johnson claimed today (22 November).

The British foreign secretary made the comments as he urged Emily Thornberry not to be "premature" in her judgements of Trump.

Labour's shadow foreign secretary told MPs that the top Republican politician thought climate change was a "hoax" and asked Johnson if the prime minister had the "moral backbone" to challenge him on the issue when the pair meet.

"I believe [Thornberry] is being premature in her hostile judgements of the administration-elect and any such premature verdict, I believe, could be damaging to the interests of this country," Johnson said.

"It is important for us in this country to use our influence, which is very considerable, to help the United States see its responsibilities, as I'm sure they will."

The comments came after Johnson joined Number 10 in killing speculation that interim Ukip leader Nigel Farage could become the UK's ambassador to the US.

Trump had backed such a move just over a week after meeting the Eurosceptic firebrand at Trump Tower, New York, for around an hour.

"Many people would like to see Farage represent Great Britain as their Ambassador to the United States. He would do a great job," the president-elect told his Twitter followers.

Sir Kim Darroch has served as the UK's ambassador to the US since January 2016.

"We have a first-rate ambassador in Washington doing a very good job of relating both with the present administration and the administration to be, and there is no vacancy for that position," Johnson said.

Trump could be invited to Windsor to meet The Queen, The Sunday Times reported. The prime minister's spokeswoman later confirmed Number 10 was considering such a state visit for the president-elect.