Boris Johnson was late for his first appointment overseas as the Foreign Secretary after his RAF plane he was travelling in was forced to be diverted to Luton. Johnson was on his way to Brussels for an informal dinner with EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini.

Flights to and from Luton airport were grounded while emergency services dealt with the situation, A Luton Airport spokesman said that all 16 passengers on board the RAF plane left the aircraft safely. "Several scheduled flights were disrupted whilst the runway was cleared," he said.

The plane took off from RAF Northolt but was forced to land at Luton Airport following a technical issue, a Foreign Office spokesman said, reported the BBC. It is believed that there was a problem with the plane's hydraulics, the Express reported.

Johnson had thanked the RAF crew for their professionalism and was grateful to Luton Airport for the brief but unscheduled welcome, the Foreign Office spokesman added. According to The Express, the Foreign Office declined to say how Johnson continued his journey to Brussels, saying that it does not comment on travel plans.

"After a short delay, the foreign secretary continued on his way to Brussels by alternative means," the spokesman said.

Johnson had earlier tweeted that he was on his way to Brussels to meet Mogherini and his EU counterparts for the EU's Foreign Affairs Council. There were no further tweets on this disrupted journey or his arrival.

Boris Johnson Foreign Secretary
Boris Johnson's first overseas trip to Brussels as Foreign Secretary runs into problems. Oli Scarff/Getty Images