The UK Foreign Secretary has warned of the prospect of Russian interference in the upcoming UK general election. Boris Johnson also said Labour opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn would be Vladimir Putin's candidate of choice for Prime Minister.

His comments were made just over a week after the hacking of French President-elect Emmanuel Macron's emails, which the Foreign Secretary blamed on Moscow.

Johnson said it was a "realistic possibility" that Russia could try to meddle in the general election.

"We think that is what he [Putin] did in America, it's blatantly obvious that's what he did in France, in the western Balkans he is up to all sorts of sordid enterprises, the Foreign Secretary said, according to the Telegraph.

Johnson also warned of the need to be "vigilant".

Concerns about cyber crime reached a new peak on Friday, as NHS computer systems were among the thousands of machines immobilised worldwide by ransomware.

The comments were some of the first Johnson has made in public on the campaign trail. The high profile Foreign Secretary has been deployed to a number of traditionally Labour constituencies which the Conservatives are targeting.

Earlier this week, Labour's draft manifesto was leaked but was met with widespread approval among the general public - but some party MPs branded it a "Santa's wish list".

The party's leadership still appears to be a sticking point with voters – which the Conservatives have been attempting to capitalise on.

Johnson suggested Russia's interference could be intended to help Labour. Jeremy Corbyn has a history of pacifism and anti-nuclear weapons activism.

"Putin would rejoice to see British defences weakened, Britain's foreign policy become less active, to see us detached from the United States," Johnson said. "That would be just what he wants".

Corbyn has publically criticised President Trump, saying earlier this week he seems "determined to add to the dangers" of an uncertain world and there should be "no more hand holding" with him.