Mount Kinabalu earthquake
Mount Kinabalu appears through the clouds over Kota Kinabalu, capital of the east Malaysian state of Sabah on Borneo island Reuters

Another earthquake measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale has hit Ranau in Sabah in the early hours of 13 June.

Malaysia's The Star newspaper said the tremors hit residents in Kota Kinabalu where some people in highrise buildings ran out of their homes, fearing for their safety.

"I felt tremors in my house at 2.29am. I thought a really big cat was running across the roof," said a Kota Kinabalu resident.

On June 5, a 5.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Ranau, leaving 18 people dead in Mount Kinabalu.

Four tourists were sentenced to three days jail and fined RM5,000 (£1,300) by the Sessions court in Sabah after they admitted to stripping on Mount Kinabalu on 30 May. The jail sentence runs from the day of their arrest on 9 June. They were released on 12 June.

Canadian siblings Lindsey Peterson, 23, and his 22-year-old sister Danielle, 22-year-old Eleanor Grace Hawkins from the UK and 23-year-old Dylan Thomas Snel of the Netherlands pleaded guilty to indecent exposure at the trail up the mountain in Ranau around 6.45am that day.

In pleading guilty the four appealed for a lenient sentence and expressed their willingness to make a public apology to show their remorse for what they had done.

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