Isaac Marshall helped save his three younger siblings, his mother, and stepdad from their burning home in Woodville Avenue, on the Saltersgill estate of Middlesbrough in the early hours of Saturday, Feb. 5.

The eight-year-old, pictured here, had the presence of mind to scream for help when he awoke at 5:45 a.m. to find the hallway of their home on fire. He reportedly opened his bedroom window and called out for help while his family was sound asleep.

Thankfully, a family friend who happened to pass by at that time heard his screams and rushed to kick open their front door and help rescue the children. The mum, Charlie Loughran, and the stepdad, Lewis Bond, were oblivious of the horror unfolding until they woke up being dragged out of the house by rescuers.

"When I woke up I could hear screaming and neighbours shouting. I remember walking out but you couldn't see anything for smoke. As soon as I got out I could see Isaac and Frankie in the neighbour's car," Loughran told Teesside Live adding, "I still can't believe it, it doesn't seem real. We were given oxygen but everyone is okay."

She said the family friend who passed by their burning home had been out drinking and went back to get his keys. He saw Isaac and immediately "kicked the door in and ran up the stairs and helped Isaac get down from the window." He then bravely ran back up to rescue five-year-old Frankie who was asleep in another bedroom.

Fortunately, two paramedics returning to the station after their shift also saw the fire and rushed to help. Four crews from the Cleveland Fire Brigade also arrived at the scene and rescued Anastasia, 2, and Loughran. They used four breathing apparatus and two hose reel jets to get through the inferno and they left the scene just before 7 a.m. The family (see picture here) then received treatment at James Cook University in Middlesbrough.

Loughran said she has no plans to return to the home the family has lived in for nearly six years because she could not put Isaac through it again. She said her son was "badly affected" by the fire and could not get it out of his mind. He had imagined the worst if he had not woken up.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Cleveland Police said that a "24-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of arson with intent to endanger life and is in police custody." The police are asking anyone who saw anything or has any dashcam or CCTV footage to help with the ongoing investigation.

combustible cladding
Building Fire. Photo: AFP / Daniel LEAL