Jack Cottle
Jack Cottle drove onto the Brands Hatch race circuit during a Volkswagen Beetle race. DailyViralClips

Boy racer Jack Cottle has defended driving onto the Brands Hatch circuit mid-race to perform a prank in front of his hysterical girlfriend.

The 22-year-old drove onto the Kent track in his girlfriend's white Volkswagen Polo as competing Volkswagen Beetles zoomed past.

The seemingly planned stunt was videoed by a passenger in the back as his girlfriend, who was sat in the passenger seat, pleaded for her boyfiend to stop.

"Seriously, I'm begging you to stop," she is heard screaming. "This is not right...get off, get off now. It's not funny."

In desperation she later says: "If you care about me stop it please."

Driving around bends in the circuit, Cottle instead says: "We are on the track, boys and girls" before asking his friend in the back if he has caught the moment on video.

He eventually steers the car off the track using a slip road and says he will tell race organisers he "got lost".

Talking to the Mail Online, a defiant Cottle shrugged off the incident. "'You only live once and I live every day like its my last. Now I'm getting slated for being different," he said.

Kent Police are investigating the incident.