Game of Thrones season 6
Game of Thrones season 6 episode 5 'The Door' featured Hodor's tragic death YouTube Screengrab/HBO

Winter is coming to Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms better be prepared for the dreaded White Walkers. Bran Stark, who has a near death experience after he was marked by the Night's King, will play an important role in Game of Thrones season 7.

Ellie Kendrick, who is cast as Meera Reed in the HBO magnum opus, has teased that Isaac Hempstead Wright's character has 'incredible powers' to unleash in the upcoming season.

While speaking with MTV, the actress said her character will continue to protect the new Three-Eyed Raven. "He's a little tiny boy who gets plunged into this political chaos, and he's got this stranger in the form of Meera looking after him, dragging him around," she told the news outlet.

She also teased that Bran's immense mind powers will be one of the highlights in the upcoming season. "I love the story line he has because he's this kid who's been forgotten, but he has these incredible powers to unleash. It makes me think of Stranger Things a bit. He looks small and weak, and yet he's got this immense strength and capability of mind. That's going to be one of the most exciting things in the coming episodes because he can reveal all of the past and the future," Kendrick added.

Bran was last seen near the Wall with an aim to reunite with his brother Jon Snow, unaware of the fact that his family at Winterfell has suffered major crisis. He is yet to learn that Jon is now the King of the North. It is assumed that Bran and Meera will successfully make it to the Night's Watch.

Apart from warning the North about the danger from the White Walkers, Bran has another important mission– that of informing Jon Snow about his parents. In season 6, Bran touched the weirwood and witnessed the rest of his vision. He even went inside the Tower of Joy where Ned Stark's sister Lyanna Stark died giving birth to Rhaegar Targaryen's son.

Speaking about her charatcer's future, Kendrick told Vulture: "Meera's main job is the protector. She's not going to storm in there and tell everyone what to do. She's the bodyguard. She's the one who's got Bran's back, and she's making sure that he gets to the places he needs to get to. She sees this as her duty to carry out this mission for him. It's in her blood; the Reeds are fiercely loyal to the Starks, and she'll give everything that it takes to protect Bran."

It remains to be seen, how Bran's visions will affect the storytelling of the blockbuster fantasy series. Game of Thrones season 7 will return on TV in summer 2017.