Fans were hoping to get some juicy updates about the upcoming The Game Of Thrones season 7 at the San Diego Comic Con but to everyone's disappointment executive producers DB Weiss and David Benioff revealed little to no information (spare the pre-production teaser) during the event.

But a Twitter user has revealed some vital filming information and according to Claire McGowan, she spotted Gwendoline Christie and Iain Glen (who plays Brienne of Tarth and Jorah Mormont respectively in the HBO magnum opus) on the flight she boarded for Belfast.

"Both Brienne and Jorah Mormont are on my flight to Belfast. As I watched it last night I'm struggling to stay cool here," she tweeted. In another tweet she claimed that Glen is reading a script. The news has not yet been confirmed by HBO or the show producers but another fan posted his selfie along with the actor and used hashtags including Ireland and Heathrow.

The GOT star sighting has sparked rumours that both the actors will make their early appearance in season 7. Christie was last seen in season 6 episode 8 No One, sailing away from Riverrun after Jaime Lannister attacked Blackfish.

The recent star sighting in the Northern Ireland capital, has reignited Jorah's greyscale treatment theory. Here are the top five fan theories that may (or may not) happen in the upcoming season.

1: Quaithe will treat Jorah: Glen's character was last seen in episode 5, The Door, where queen Daenerys Targaryen commands him to cure his grayscale infection before returning to her army. "You swore to obey my commands for the rest of your life. Well I command you to heal yourself, and then return to me," the Mother of the Dragons said to her loyal aide.

According to a fan theory by Winter Is Coming, Jorah will seek the help of Quaithe — a mysterious woman in a lacquered mask in the city if Qarth. The veiled woman is rumoured to have magical abilities as well as knowledge of the infected people from the Old Varlyia.

2. Cersei will get killed by King Slayer Jaime Lannister: After the prophecy of Maggy the Frog — that all of Cersei's children would die — has come true, and she was crowned the Queen of the Andals and the First Men, a new theory of her death has made it to the top list. The fortune teller has also predicted that Cersei will be killed by a "little brother'.

Considering that she was born minutes before her incestous lover, who has previously killed the Mad King — who tried to set the kingdom ablaze using wildfire— it sounds like a good theory that he will kill his sister, lover and the mother of his dead children.

A huge chunk of fans believe that Bran Stark, who was behind Hodor's tragic fate, will cause the looming White Walker's war against humans. In season 6, he was marked by the Night's King —the reason for the White Walkers having followed him to their hiding and the attack ending in multiple tragic causalities. One of Bran's visions has already shown the wights attacking Castle Black and destroying the Night's Watch army.

Considering that the show producers have already hinted at a late filming, it will be interesting to see what brought the actors to Belfast. Season 7 of the HBO fantasy series will have only seven episodes and will premiere late in 2017.

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