A flamingo at a Brazilian zoo is learning to get around on a new prosthetic leg.

The pink-hued bird was given the specially-made prosthesis after a fracture of its left leg resulted in the bottom portion of the leg needing to be amputated to prevent an infection. The flamingo is being held at the Sorocaba zoo in the municipality of Sorocaba, located in Sao Paulo state.

Though still limping a bit, the Chilean flamingo is becoming more comfortable with the new leg, according to the zookeepers.

In fact, the flamingo has already mastered the curious flamingo speciality of standing on one foot while tucking the prosthetic leg up tight under its pink body.

Veterinarians at the zoo say once the flamingo has mastered hobbling around on its new leg, it will be reintroduced to its group on the zoo grounds.

"[The flamingo] is slowly getting physically rehabilitated and the muscles in the legs getting stronger so it can join the group," zoo veterinarian Andre Costa, said.

The lightweight, 18cm (7 inch) prosthesis is made of carbon fibre with silicone ends where the prosthetic attached to the remaining part of the bird's leg. The leg was made by a local orthopaedics office located just west of the city of Sao Paulo.