Two identical twins from Brazil miraculously give birth to daughters three hours apart. Getty Images

Two identical twins from Brazil miraculously gave birth together in the same delivery room.

The girls, Joyce and Jessica Lino, 23, delivered their daughters three hours apart at the public hospital of Içara in southern Santa Catarina on 26 July.

"We did not talk much, we were in bewildered pain... I was very anxious," said Joyce in a report.

Their daughters, Emanuelle and Valentina, were also reportedly born weighing approximately the same.

"My baby was born at 2.8 kilograms and 48 centimetres. Joyce's baby was 2.7 kilograms and 47 centimetres," said Jessica.

"They are identical...I hope they are like me and Joyce, always together."

The babies born on the Grandparents Day were very special to grandmother Clenir Lino Borges who reflected on when their identical mothers were born.

"I went back in time, I recalled the day I had both, vaginally, and did not even know they were twins," said Borges.

"I think God would send twins to one, but decided to split."