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Full House actor Bob Saget has said he will not try to convince Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to return for the upcoming spin-off series Fuller House.

"They're not doing it, and they should do whatever they want to do to be happy," he told USA Today during the Los Angeles premiere of the Entourage movie. The Olsen twins both played Danny Tanner's (Saget) youngest daughter Michelle.

When pressed for details on whether he would try to convince them to change their minds, Saget explained that it would not be right on his part to coax them into doing something they are not interested in.

"I'll see them and I love them and I'll have dinner with them or something, but it's like asking your date, 'Please do this, you have to come back,'" he said. "It's like driving your family to a reunion [when] you don't want to see your second cousin any more... not mine, I always want to see my second cousin.

"I don't try to convince anybody to do anything, people need to do what they wanna do, because life can be weird enough."

Fuller House will premiere on Netflix in 2016 and the makers have signed on (almost) all the actors who were part of the beloved family comedy show that ran from 1987-1995.

Actor John Stamos, who played Uncle Jesse in the original series, will be producing the spin-off as well as with reprising his role. In an earlier interview, Stamos revealed that the team is planning to feature all the characters from Full House in the first episode of Fuller House. "...We're going to do an hour special, then it'll go into the spin-off," he said.

Maybe the Olsen Twins will agree to return just for that first episode.