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Colombia plane crash
From left, clockwise: Erwin Tumiri, Rafael Henzel, Jackson Follmann, Alan Ruschel, Ximena Suarez Otterburg Facebook/ Twitter

Seventy-six people have died after a plane carrying Brazilian first division football team Chapecoense crashed en route to Medellin International Airport in Colombia on Tuesday (29 November).

There were five confirmed survivors, including at least two players and a journalist.

The chartered plane, operated by airline Lamia, declared an emergency at 10pm local time on Monday (3am GMT, Tuesday) because of an electrical failure, aviation authorities said.

It crashed around 15 minutes later in a wooded, mountainous area outside Medellín.

The aircraft was transporting Chapecoense for the first leg of a two-game Copa Sudamericana final against Medellin team Atletico Nacional.

The Brazilian president, Michel Temer, declared three days of national mourning after the crash.

  • Rescue teams were immediately activated following the crash which is believed to have been caused by an electrical fault.
  • Colombian police have confirmed 76 passengers were killed in the crash with five survivors, three players, a journalist and a passenger, taken to hospital.
  • Chapecoense Football Club has said in a brief statement that its thoughts are with the victims of the crash.
  • Aviation authorities have confirmed the plane was a British Aerospace 146 short-haul plane operated by the Bolivian charter airline Lamia.
  • It was carrying 72 passengers and nine crew members at the time of the crash.
  • An emergency was declared on the flight at 10pm local time on Monday (3am GMT, Tuesday).
Flight CP2933 - Flight path, crash location

Sao Paulo-based football club Palmeiras will request to play wearing the shirt of Chapecoense in the final round of the Brazilian Championships.

The game against Vitoria, of Salvador, was scheduled for this Sunday but has been postponed to the following weekend to allow for mourning.

"Palmeiras will ask the CBF [Brazilian Football Confederation] to play with the shirt of Chapecoense in the last round of the Championship," the club said.

It added that it already had the backing of sponsors Adidas.

One of the survivors of the crash, a reserve goalkeeper for Chapecoense, has reportedly had his leg amputated.

Jackson Follmann, 24, underwent the operation on Tuesday afternoon, Brazilian sports news site Globo Esporte reported.

His father, Paul Follmann, said it was a "miracle of God" his son survived the crash.

Discussions on the future of Chapecoense football club are underway, the Brazilian website UOL Esporte reported.

Flamengo, Palmeiras and Brazil's other main clubs started talks on how to rebuild Chapecoense, with the clubs' legal departments deciding to assign players without cost for the 2017 season.

The clubs also suggested Chapecoense not be downgraded in the next three editions of the Brazilian Championship if the club ends in the last four places.

The Colombian Red Cross has clarified that the initial list of survivors it tweeted, was the same issued by the Civil Aviation. The list included goalkeeper Danilo, who was later reported to have died of his injuries.

Carlos Iván Márquez Pérez, Director of Colombia's UNGRD, the national agency for disaster risk management, has arrived at the plane crash site as search and rescue operation is ongoing.

Argentinian forward Alejandro Martinuccio, who was due to play in the Chapecoense squad at the final in Medellin, missed game because of injury. Read more at IBTimes UK.

Pictures from the grounds of Chapecoense have shown fans gathering for the victims of today's crash.

Wearing team colours and carrying flags, local supporters have come together in mourning.

Colombia plane crash
Fans of Chapecoense soccer team react in front of the Arena Conda stadium in Chapeco, Brazil Paulo Whitaker/ Reuters

Reports on social media have claimed Atletico Nacional will concede the final against Chapecoense in the wake of the tragic crash.

Turin football club which famously lost one of its teams in a plane crash in 1948 has offered messages of condolences and solidarity to Chapecoense.

Further images have been published showing rescue teams picking through the wreckage at the crash site outside Medellin.

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Images have emerged showing the destruction at the crash site. The plane appears to have split into two halves.

Colombia plane crash
General view of the plane wreckage Facebook/ Pereira En Vivo

The Brazilian news channel Globo, has reported that the goalkeeper Danielo has died. He is reportedly survived the crashed but then later died in hospital.

More pictures have emerged of the survivors of the flight:

Goal keeper Jakson Ragnar Follmann

O esforço continua 🙏🏼💪🏼#aquiéchape #chapeterror 🎾⚪️🏹🏹

Posted by Follmann on Friday, November 25, 2016

and Ximena Suárez Otterburg, a cabin crew member

Colombia plane crash
Ximena Suarez Otterburg Facebook/ Ximena Suarez Otterburg

Bolivian authorities say that the plane carrying a Brazilian first division soccer team that took off from Santa Cruz before crashing in Colombia was owned by a Venezuelan company.

According to the AP, Cesar Torrico, a spokesman for Bolivia's civil aviation agency, said the aircraft had arrived earlier in the day from the city of Cochabamba and picked up the Brazilian team at Santa Cruz's Viru Viru airport. Torrico said that the plane underwent an inspection before departing for Colombia and reported no problems.

Brazilian President Michel Temer has announced three days of national mourning out of respect for those killed in the Colombian crash.

A video of Chapecoense following their most recent victory which put them in the final of the South America Cup has emerged on social media.

Aviation authorities have reported that the plane crashed 21.2 miles south of Medellin international airport at Morro Sucio. The flight's last recorded altitude was 15,550ft

Crash site
Aviation authorities have reported that the plane crashed 21.2 miles south of Medellin international airport at Morro Sucio. The flight's last recorded altitiude was 15,550ft

Cléber Santana, Captain of the team, shared a last photo on Instagram as he boarded the flight to Medellin.

"In however many lives I live, in all [of them] I will love you #MakingHistory," he wrote.

Em quantas vidas eu viver, em todas eu vou amar você. 💕🙏 #PartiuFazerHistoria #NossoCapitão #MelhorIdolo

Una foto pubblicata da Por você, Cleber Santana. ❥ (@cleberzete88) in data:

The number of survivors has risen to six after it was reported one passenger died on the way to hospital. Erwin Tumiri, a flight technician, has been recovered from the wreckage.

Unconfirmed media reports have claimed defender Zampier Neto is also still alive.

The wife of Alan Ruschel, the first player to be taken to hospital has posted this message on Instagram:

"Thank God Alan is in the hospital, stable. We are praying for all of those who were not yet rescued and offer our support to all their relatives. This is a complicated, difficult situation. Only God himself can give us strength. Thank you God."

Three players from the club who were not selected to play in the game in Medellin have been photographed in their changing room.

To find out more about Chapecoense Football Club, the Brazilian first division read more on IBTimes UK

The Brazilian News Agency has released the full flight manifest for passengers on board the flight.

It includes 22 players, 18 members of coaching staff, seven members of the board and 23 members of the press.

Chapecoense Football Club has tweeted its own logo in black to mark the devastating crash

Following the tragic plane crash, Chapecoense vice-President Ivan Tozzo has issued a statement via their official Facebook page.

"In the light of the conflicting news reports coming from different sources, Chapecoense, through its vice-President Ivan Tozzo, will wait for the official confirmation of the Colombian Air Authority before issuing any official statement about the accident. God be with our athletes, leaders, journalists and other guests who were travelling with the delegation."

Em função do desencontro das notícias que chegam das mais diversas fontes jornalisticas, dando conta de um acidente com...

Posted by Associação Chapecoense de Futebol on Monday, November 28, 2016

Brazilian journalist Rafael Henzel has also been named one of the survivors of the crash, according to Brazilian media.

Colombia plane crash
Rafael Henzel Facebook/ Rafael Henzel

Chapecoense footballers Danilo Padilha and Alan Ruschel -- pictured together on the flight to Medellin are believed to have survived the crash, according to reports by Colombian local media.

Colombia plane crash
Danilo Padilha and Alan Ruschel on the plane which later crashed Snapchat/ Alan Ruschel

The flight had a last minute change of its flight itinerary and was rerouted from Sao Paulo to Bolivia at the request of Brazilian aviation authorities.

Flight CP2933 - Flight path, crash location

Colombian police have confirmed 76 passengers aboard the plane were killed, according to the BBC.

Brazilian media has named the 22 players from Chapecoense. The team, which joined Brazil's first division in 2014, was travelling to Colombia to face Atletico Nacional in the first leg in the final of the Copa Sudamericana.

Danilo and Follmann

Gimenez, Dener, Alan Ruschel and Caramelo.

Marcelo, Filipe Machado, Thiego and Neto.

Josimar, Gil, Sérgio Manoel, Matheus Biteco, Cleber Santana and Arthur Maia.

Kempes, Ananias, Lucas Gomes, Tiaguinho, Bruno Rangel y Canela.