Camera footage aired by a Brazilian television showed the paradoxical moment when a Rio de Janeiro woman was mugged as she was being interviewed about street crime in the city.

The victim is seen complaining to camera crew about the lack of police near Rio de Janeiro's main train station, Central do Brazil, when a robber appears and rips the gold necklace off from around her throat before fleeing down the busy Avenida Presidente Vargas.

The Globo TV interviewer, Eduardo Tchao, chased the robber briefly but failed to catch the teenage thief, who dropped the necklace during the pursuit.

"He scratched my neck," said the woman. "I was so afraid." As police arrived the teenager was already out of sight.

Levels of street crime are high in Brazil's largest cities, which are due to host the football World Cup in a few months.

A travel advice from the Foreign Office warns football fans travelling for the Cup to be vigilant and aware of pickpockets

"Be ready to hand over valuables if you're threatened; don't attempt to resist attackers, they may be armed or under the influence of drugs," the travel advice reads.

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