It was the hit TV series that was watched by legions of fans across the globe. Now an art exhibition based around Breaking Bad has opened in London, featuring illustrations by legendary British cartoonist Ralph Steadman.

Celebrating the release of Breaking Bad limited edition Blu-ray Steelbooks, which each feature Steadman's character portraits of the likes of Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and Saul Goodman – the gallery also features a selection of Breaking Bad-inspired artwork from emerging UK artists that was personally handpicked by Steadman.

"It's rather flattering I think to have just these pictures in here. And then the pictures of some people who have tried to do the same thing. Some of them are better than this stuff, mine's very elementary, very basic," joked Steadman to IBTimes UK at the launch of the exhibition at the 71A gallery in Shoreditch, east London.

Steadman says that whilst he was a relative newcomer to Breaking Bad, he quickly became hooked on the show.

"The whole series is a surprise, because I hadn't heard of it before I started doing the drawings. I watched the whole series over a period of just two weeks and then got withdrawal symptoms because there wasn't any more," said Steadman.

The Breaking Bad art exhibition will run at the 71A gallery from the 13-15 February.