Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers almost made a mistake that could have cost him the 1-0 win against Stoke, after considering taking Philippe Coutinho off. After the game, he said: "It's always difficult coming to Stoke. Defensively we were strong and we always know we have the quality to win a game.

"It was embarrassing [the 6-1 loss in May] but today you've seen the determination and the quality. It was definitely one for [the fans]. They'll be proud of the team tonight.

"It was a great strike to win the game. I'm glad I kept him on, I can't profess to be any sort of genius. We were very fortunate he got the goal, he stayed on and we won the game. Coutinho is already is a star. He's only been back three weeks training so he's not even at his peak."