Back garden boozing is about to get a little more sophisticated with BrewArt – a Wi-Fi wielding brew maker inspired by the premium coffee boom. The Australian beer-tech can replicate popular beers, while would-be craft brewers can tweak the contraption's settings in search of the ultimate home-brewed beer.

An automated personal brewing system that has been in development for over eight years by a pair of craft connoisseurs at the Coopers Brewery, Australia, BrewArt consists of two sleek and stylish units – the BeerDroid and the BrewFlo.

The BeerDroid is where the action takes place and is capable of brewing up to 10 litres of bespoke beer. After adding necessary ingredients to the BeerDroid, users can then monitor and change the temperature of the brew via a smartphone app.

An alert is sent to the app when the beer is ready, thanks to the BeerDroid's Wi-Fi functionality, leaving busy brewers free to get on with their daily lives, safe in the knowledge that a golden beverage is brewing away at home. The process can take up to two weeks, with the option to cool the unit in a "sleep" mode for those away from the BeerDroid for longer than expected.

YouTube / BrewArt

As for the brew itself, a BrewAssist section on its website will recommend ingredient packs available to purchase directly, based on the brewer's personal tastes. BrewArt explains that the brilliantly named BrewPrints packs are the 'iTunes' to the BeerDroid's 'iPod', giving owners a fuss-free way of brewing beers that taste like the most popular flavours from around the world.

Whether it's a tweaked version of a pre-set classic beer or one of the brewers' own creations, once ready, the finished beverage is then funnelled into the BrewFlo – a five-litre chilled dispenser with a gleaming chrome pub-like tap.

"We wanted to make something that gave people a good brewing experience," said BrewArt co-creator Scott Harris. "The ability to control the temperature also allows people to create beers that have been hard to make in the past, like a nice, clear lager for example."

"You have this culture that's emerged in the last few years of people making their own cheese, smoking their own meats. At the same time there has been this explosion in craft beer and all the different flavours. This allows people to combine those two movements."

While you cannot put a price on a perfect pint, you can on the BrewArt itself and if the end-product is a mouth-watering prospect, the damage to your bank balance might make your eyes water as well with the BeerDroid device set to retail in Australia at A$799 (£449), while the BrewFlo dispenser separately costs A$699 (£393). Ouch.

The pair are set to launch in Australia in mid-July, while the company plans to bring the premium brewing kit to the US and UK markets in the near future.

Smart-boozing appears to be a growing trend in the start-up tech market, with the likes of Fizzics and the Sodastream Beer Bar hoping to bring the lost art of beer production back into the home.