A Bucharest newspaper has launched a cheeky campaign, offering to help Britons who had voted to remain in the EU to find Romanian families to adopt them, Called the Romanians for Remainians. The Gandul website offers a new home to the 48% of British residents who chose to remain European in the EU referendum.

On its website, the newspaper offers to match a Briton who voted to Remain with a Romanian family willing to 'adopt' them. The website page is broken into two sections - one is targeted at Britons who voted to remain and the other for Romanians offering to adopt them.

The campaign website says: "Follow Romanians, the good people who voted remain and share European values deserve to be our relatives. Let's all volunteer so that each "Remainian' is adopted by a Romanian.

The website says a total of 4,162 Romanians have offered to "adopt the Remainians and keep Europe united."

And the message for Britons reads: "Dear Brits who believe in a united Europe, leave the Brexiteers, the quarrelling and the weather behind. Start a brand new life in a loving Romanian family." The website uses the Facebook account of Britons who click on the 'get adopted' option, to connect them with their Romanian adopters, according to news reports.

Britons are even given a glimpse of what their mock Romanian identity cards will look like. It even shows the mock Romanian identity cards of 'Britons' who had applied to be adopted.

Not first campaign launched by Gandul. According to the newspaper launched a campaign #WhyDontYouComeOver campaign, offering job opportunities and accommodation amid fears in the UK o an influx of Romanians and Bulgarians in 2014 when immigration restrictions for these two countries were lifted.