Senior Labour MPs including Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott will speak at The World Transformed's "Take Back Control" campaign, the group announced on Tuesday (14 February).

The organisation, which grew out of the pro-Jeremy Corbyn pressure group Momentum, said it will hold the a series of events in seats under threat from Ukip.

The campaign will be launched in Sunderland on 1 April. The Labour heartland backed a Brexit by 61% at the EU referendum in June.

The World Transformed also plan to visit Barnsley, Croydon, Plymouth, Bradford, Hastings, Norfolk, York, Dagenham and hold a youth event in Hackney.

"The overriding cry from the EU Referendum was that people wanted more control over the lives they lead and those who represent them in our political institutions," said Labour's Rachel Maskell, the MP for York Central.

"When you don't know how many hours you will work on your zero-hour contract, or when your landlord will tell you to pack your bags, it is increasingly impossible to have control over anything.

"The government, in refusing to listen to the needs people have, highlights the need for people across every community to get their voice heard and make their politicians work for them. The debate should not be about the political institutions but the way those who hold office engage and respond and most importantly empower people in their community to have a voice."

The news come after a YouGov for The Times, conducted between 5 and 6 February, showed that Labour were polling third among the UK's working-class on 20%, behind Ukip on 23% and the Conservatives on 39%.

Ukip leader Paul Nuttall is leading the charge against Labour in the Stoke-on-Central by-election, where he is hoping to win over some of the 69% of Stoke residents who voted Leave and overcome Labour's majority of more than 5,000 votes.

The by-election was triggered after Tristram Hunt quit the House of Commons to become director of London's Victoria and Albert Museum. Gareth Snell, a local councillor, is fighting to keep the seat for Labour.

"We are looking forward to this tour, it will provided much needed entertainment in communities up and down the country who, due to Labour's disastrous policies over the years have been lacking humour," a Ukip spokesman told IBTimes UK.

"It's rather charming that they recognise that there are today many areas of the country that are Ukip areas, areas that used to think themselves Labour, but now realise that the McDonnell/Abbott approach to politics has nothing to say to or for them."