Chris Van Dusen teased that fans can still expect the intimate sex scenes they have become accustomed to from the first season of "Bridgerton."

The showrunner confirmed that the steamy storylines will still remain in the installment. "Peak thirst," as he once described such a scene in December, will "absolutely" still be the "guiding mantra" for the upcoming season.

"We're inspired by really delicious romance novels, and the sensuality [and] sexuality was always something that we were excited to be able to lean into on the show," Van Dusen said in an interview with Vanity Fair.

The Netflix show is not short on steamy sex scenes as season 1 showed. There were those between Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Deynevor) and the Duke of Hastings (Regé-Jean Page) and between Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and Siena Rosso (Sabrina Bartlett).

"Bridgerton" season 2 does not focus on the duke and duchess anymore, but on Anthony's love affairs. The first season already gave a glimpse at how he is when it comes to his sexual encounters. Suffice to say, fans can expect some more steamy bedroom scenes for the eldest Bridgerton sibling as the story revolves around his search for love.

Speaking of Anthony, Van Dusen teased that there is more to the man than fans initially saw. He is not a villain as his outbursts and controlling behaviour may have characterised him to be in season 1.

"Anthony is a very complicated character. He's a little broken in the first season," he explained.

"I think that [Bailey] has done an incredible job of making you feel for him and making you understand the duty that Anthony Bridgerton has for his family. But at the same time, he's torn by his pursuit of pleasure. Jonathan really captures all of those layers. It's so complex and so riveting," Van Dusen said.

Aside from Anthony's pursuit of love, "Bridgerton" season 2 will also explore Penelope's (Nicola Coughlan) story now that viewers know she is the mysterious Lady Whistledown. Van Dusen shared that the gossip writer's identity reveal at the end of season 1 paves the way for far more fascinating stories for Penelope and the other characters on the show.

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