British Airways
British Airways flight to Canada is returning to Heathrow airport British Airways Media Centre

A British Airways (BA) flight on its way to Calgary in western Canada from London reversed its course and returned to Heathrow Airport.

A suspected technical problem with one of the engines caused the long-distance flight to be cut short. The pilot of flight BA103 took the decision to return the plane to Heathrow.

A BA spokesman told IBTimes UK the flight landed safely in west London.

"It's a suspected technical fault with one of the engines. We do not know yet if there was a problem, or it was a precaution by the pilot," he said.

In a statement, British Airways said: "The flight crew requested a priority landing as a precaution, and the aircraft landed normally.

This a normal procedure which are flight crew are trained to perform. Our engineers are now inspecting the aircraft. Safety is always our highest priority.